• Beating the odds with focus and innovation

    It was in March 2017 that a leading BFSI company decided to dispose of around 4700 units of its decommissioned assets like laptops, desktops, servers and other IT peripherals as e-waste scrap. Under usual circumstances, the company would pocket a nominal amount or at worst would have to pay from its own pocket to dispose of the e-waste. Fortunately for it, Bengaluru based start-up Blubirch came into the picture and turned things around. Blubirch evaluated the inventory of e-waste and concluded that money could be made from its sale. Next, it uploaded the inventory on its platform and within few days realised a sum of 65 lakh rupees by selling it to resellers. Using the platform, the BFSI major was not only able to make a good profit on the sale but also but also eliminated the generation of 38 metric tonnes of e-waste.

    Founded in 2014 by Sapan Jain, Jeby Cherian and Amit Goel Blubirch has emerged a leading player in the reverse logistics space. On a daily basis, some 3000 units of refurbished, unutilised or returned IT & electronic products are sold on its platform. Not only this, it has built a network of 2500 buyers from 35 cities who in turn buy products from 60 suppliers. This pan India network is one of the reasons behind the success of Blubirch.

    Having developed a sustainable platform to monetise e-waste, Blubirch has adopted a multi-channel approach. In the enterprise segment, it offers services such as asset life cycle management, asset buyback services, procurement services, trade-in program, refurbishment services, and rental services. To retailers, it provides services such as grading and valuation services, exchange programs, sells customer returns, and excess inventory.

    In the end, bridging the trust deficit gap in a fragmented industry is proving to be beneficial for the Blubirch. As till date, it has sold inventory worth rupees 80 crores through its network. But this is still a small drop in the ocean as the market size is estimated to be around rupees 22,000 crore and promoters are planning to enter the shoe and apparel category. Given the scope and expansion plans, the future seems pretty rosy for Blubirch.

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