• Power of innovation; from water dispensers to luxury sedans on hire

    Meanwhile, common citizens in India do not need to be millionaires to have the pleasure of driving a high-end luxury car like Mercedes or Audi. Thanks to the Bengaluru based Zoomcar one can enjoy the same experience in a few thousand. The brainchild of two friends Greg Moran and David Back, Zoomcar came into being four years ago and now has a fleet of 3000 vehicles that ranges from Mercedes, BMW, Honda City, Fortuner, to Swift, Ecosport, Figo and Amaze. All you need is to show your credentials and drive out the car to your workplace or holiday destination.

    What makes Zoomcar unique is that it offers self-driven car on rentals by the hour. And the rentals depending on the type of cars range between Rs 70 and Rs 240 per hour. And this USP has made it possible to serve over 20 lakh customers across 25 cities.

    Already, Greg and David are zooming their way to success, as after their car booking mobile application, the company recently notched yet another first with the launch of marketplace model Zoomcar Associated Program or ZAP. This platform is intended to bring down the cost of ownership for the car owners by sharing their cars when they’re not using it but at the same time, it is improving the customer experience and service quality. Recently, the company has also launched Zoom Hop which gives freedom to the user of dropping the car to another city. But the duo isn’t stopping here they already have the future blue print ready.